Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hi Mom! And Dad! Thursday at 12 your time is when my p-day is! Thank you for writing me. It is always good to hear from someone you love. Well, I really love it here! I met sister Huish in the airport. She is darling. I room with her and 3 others. My companion's name is sister Scholes. She is from Boise Idaho. pretty cool huh?! It is beautiful here! We can barely see the water from the MTC but that is enough for me! It is definitely humid, but I can't tell too much until gym time. For the last few days I've been playing volleyball with like 30 other people. By the end everything is COMPLETELY soaked. My district is awesome! we have 8 people in my district. 6 elders and me and my companion. 
We have a Haitian in my group that speaks Creole/French and knows Spanish pretty well. He is older and is such a nice guy! His name is elder Joseph. My Spanish has been getting better by talking to him. We still speak English here..lots actually, but when we are in class they pretty much just teach in Spanish. I have taught a practice investigator 2 or 3 times and it has gone okay. It is all in Spanish, but I write all of it down on a piece of paper. I read it, but I can say things off of the top of my head as well. There are only about 60 missionaries in this MTC, and I love that it is so small. We know pretty much everyone, including the janitors. The people here are so kind. We also stay with all of the temple missionaries and those who come to be temple workers from all over. The other day we met some people that were from a tiny island located in the lesser Antilles :) We also met some older ladies from the West Indies that come here to go to the temple to work. They take their vacation time to fly 10+ hours to work at the temple. What an example they are to me! The teachers here are amazing. I really love all of them. One sounds like he is from India and is soooooo sarcastic. Everyone loves him though. He reminds me of people at home interestingly enough haha. It is hard to switch straight to Spanish and sometimes I ask myself if I can do this....YES I CAN!! because it is the greatest thing I can be doing right now! There are lots of people here that have been such an example to me and have lifted me up! Well, it is great hearing from you and I love you a ton!!! please share this with Dad. :) Love, Hermana Hamblin

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