Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Tonight, I got a manicure from my host mom, Ira.
I can't speak Ukranian.
She can't speak English.
BUT this is what made my day.
Ira went to school and studied cosmology. She can do hair and nails professionally you could say. She has a 16 year old daughter and almost every night they sit in her room and do each others nails with glitter and creative designs. I think it would be so much fun to do mother-daughter things like that! I love it and think it's so cute.
Since I have moved into my Ukrainian home, I haven't had the best communication with my family. The parents don't speak little English and I speak a FEW words of Ukranian/Russian. She offered to do my nails last night and so I eagerly accepted. I walked into the kitchen and she had little cloth set out on the kitchen table and had her bag of nail gadgets. I didn't know I was getting into a full salon experience!
She put some smelly good nail oil on. Then she pushed back my nail cuticles and clipped them. She was so delicate and precise. She wasn't just going to paint my nails. She was going to make sure that she did them well. She wanted to make an impression and show how much she loved doing them and how well she could. She worked and worked on my cuticles and then got the file out and worked on rounding my next to nothing, scrawny nails. Then she got out her hand cream and gave me a hand massage. We just giggled like two little girls as she just pampered me. I was just so happy to see this side of her. Then she painted my nails and put 2 little sparkles on each nail and did a neat design on my ring fingers
....after she was done her daughter told me that I needed to grow out my nails a bit so she could shape them and make them look good. I just think I might take her up on that! 

This is just one small thing that made my day! Even though it was through painting nails, I got to know Ira a little better and share a happy moment with her.

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