Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Godsends

Today I was cheered up by an unexpected someone. I was having a rough start with my day and just couldn't get into a good mood. I had planned to meet up with some friends for a temple trip and had got on the wrong trolley bus that took me who knows where. I was at least a half hour late and had no phone. I showed up at the metro finding no one. I sat there in the metro in despair and frustration. All of a sudden a little boy about three years old took a seat at the corner of the bench. He sat there swinging his little legs back and forth with a small bouquet of dandelions. He seemed to take notice of my gloomy figure. He looked over at me with the biggest eyes and scooted closer to me. I think he was just curious. His eyes were just beaming with all the joy a little boy could have. He eagarly looked at my ipod, captivated by the weird language it was in. Then, without a hesitation he held out his bouquet of dandelions to my nose and just gave me the biggest grin his little mouth could hold. I sniffed them and told them how wonderful they smelled, even though he didn't understand English. We both just sat there and giggled. A minute later, my metro pulled up and it was time for a goodbye. I smiled and said bye! He quickly gave an excited wave and kept shouting pica! Pica! ..which is goodbye in Russian. He walked off with his dad and glanced back one more time for a frantic, yet excited wave and a beautiful smile. I got onto the metro and was just beaming with joy from that simple experience. That little boy was a little godsend to me today.

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