Monday, March 5, 2012


One nice thing about being in a foreign country is that you have an excuse not to know how to do things right. You also are put in little, yet OFTEN humbling situations.
Yesterday I got on the wrong bus, so I hopped off and got onto another one. I asked the driver if it went to the metro and he said yes. We hopped on. A few minutes later he yells, "Diavichki!"I had been on this bus before and knew for a fact that we had a good 15 minute ride ahead of us. Why was he telling us this was the metro stop? Well, I guess it was the hint to get off at the next stop. I ignored my better sense of judgement and got off.So...of course that's what we did. We all got off....and the bus sat there...then he yells the same thing at us and waves us in. He just wanted money for the trip. I knew it wasn't the metro....We flashed them our metro cards, and got back on the bus.

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