Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today me and an ILP teacher that lives with me, Marina, had to to find the school today, by ourselves. We take a trolley to the metro station, "Metro Minska," and then walk to the school. We were able to find our trolley and headed to the metro. We got off, crossed the street, and looked hopelessly at a crowded square of people as the snow fell. We walked. Our walk turned to a trudge. We peered out over the vast city of white, slushy, dirty buses. Everything looked the same; the people, the buildings, the apartments, the streets, the signs..just everything. I decided to call one of the local coordinators for our program. We started to talk. She asked where I was in order to help me get to the school. ...of course I don't know where I am. She asks me what metro I'm at, but come on. I am in a foreign country! I can't read one blasted sign. No. Not one. She then tells me to hand the phone to someone. I gave the reply, "To an old lady?"...why....why did I ask that? haha I looked. There was a man selling something on a table on the side of the street. He looked safe?... as safe as a street seller can look I guess. I walked up to him and motioned from my mouth to the phone. He took it and talked to the woman. He then handed me the phone and started doing all kinds of hand motions and speaking Russian. I gave him a confused smile and walked. We just walked. Finally, the other ILP teachers decided to meet us. They found us, and 2 hours later we made it. Glad that is over!

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