Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have made a few observations from the past four days that I have lived here:

1. All women dress up. No matter the weather, I"m talking four inch slush and 24/7 snowfall, women wear 4+ heels.....ALL women. No exceptions.
2. Fur is in.
3. Don't wear tennis; not with pants and certainly not a skirt!
4. Look angry. It's normal.

Rules I've Broken:
#1- I wore my boot cut black jeans, and a sporty waterproof jacket. ....Come on. It's waterproof!
#2-Fur? I thought that was in Anastassia's day?! Maybe? 50 years ago? Anyway, apparently I'm not in the "in crowd."
-I didn't bring any boots. So what have I done? I wear my tennis every day....even with my skirt.
#4-I like to be a happy person so..I smile. I wave. I say thank you or "spaciva."

Rules I will continue to break:
Welp, probably just about all of them.

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